Freedomworks: Standing up to ObamaCare: Where the States Stand on Exchanges


December 5, 2012 by tjefferson2076

According to Freedomworks, 22 states have declared their intention not to set up exchanges.  Although there is absolutely no good news about the destruction of the world’s best healthcare system (in terms of quality of care), this is great news for taxpayers for these states.  In fact, this is something that is seldom talked about by libertarians.  Many of the laws imposed on the states and localities are VOLUNTARY.  The states voluntarily take federal money for education (no child left behind), medicaid, roads, etc.  The real step towards federalism is from the local and state level.  If we can convince our neighbors not to take the devils paper money, we could negate much of the useless law and regulation imposed on us by the Feds. Then we could set up the schools the way we want, we won’t have to have 21 as the drinking age, and we can set up our own state systems to provide medical care for the poor.  The bottom line is that the states are occupied by the federal government not with a standing army, but by the dollar.

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One thought on “Freedomworks: Standing up to ObamaCare: Where the States Stand on Exchanges

  1. stark2076 says:

    This dovetails nicely with another idea, the Free State Project. The limiting factor is that with Libertarians, you’re lucky to get any three of them to agree on much beyond the basics, where as liberals march in ideological lock step to a large extent. If there where a simple slogan Libertarians could, by and large, get behind and support, maybe something like “I’d Rather Be Independent” and just stick to their guns on that one point…

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