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December 5, 2012 by tjefferson2076

Here is the easiest and cheapest way to start saving for inflation.  First, inspect all your cash and look for pre-1965 dimes and quarters.  They are made of 90% silver, and if you are lucky enough to find one you will get over a 2000% return on your investment. See

I think I have only found 1 or 2 silver dimes since I started inspecting my change.  A friend of mine who works as a teller at a bank occasionally gets lucky several times a year, but they are handling thousands of coins per year.

The next best thing is to save all your pennies and nickels.  According to a nickel is at melt value, a pre 1982 penny’s melt value is double, and a post 1982 penny is worth half a cent.

I refer to this as the poor man’s hedge against inflation.  The way the government is printing money, it is only a matter of time before a nickel may be worth much more than the 5 cents that you paid for it.  On top of that, Obama wants to change the current composition of the penny and nickel to cheaper metals:

Of course, missing from the debate is the fact that it is the federal government and federal reserve’s monetary policies of printing money that have caused the price of the penny and nickel to increase, and if they stopped printing money, the problem would be solved.

Anyway, for more reading, check out Robert Wenzel’s site:

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