Hearts and Minds of America


December 8, 2012 by EthanAllen2076

I went to sleep last night with a thought on my mind, and woke this morning with the same thought burning, and so here it is…

HEARTS and MINDS has been tried throughout the world as a way to convince a population to behave, think, and live their lives according to a certain set of rules.  Ever since Moses went up Mt.Sinai..hearts and minds has been tried in earnest since Christ went up on the cross.  HEARTS and MINDS has been tried in the middle east for thousands of years.  I have to say that I believe a battle for HEARTS and MINDS in America will yield no results, or, will yield results in too long a time.  I understand the reasoning and justification for “it’s the way you win wars of ideas” but I don’t think 2076 would then be a reasonable goal.

Perhaps 2276.  Perhaps 2776.

Here is why I don’t think we have TIME for Hearts and Minds:

What do we do when America falls to the UN?  When the UN engrosses America, you see, there is NO longer a super power stronger than the UN…able to retaliate, regulate, administrate, or VIOLATE.  When the UN Captures America, we are finished, for eternity.  One could argue that America is already finished, but in the spirit of a man who took a British fort (Ticonderoga) by night, by surprise, outgunned, and out numbered, I can not yet say the war is lost.  Our only hope then, when the UN envelops the USA, is to play along and get our family IN on the governing bodies within the UN…play their games, smile, and collect the redistribution income happily…basically our only hope for financial security and independence will be at a cost of our morale and faith-based convictions.  This is not a choice I will make, and knowing it will lead to suffering and much pain, I can not let America paint me into a corner where such a resolution will need to be made.

I can fight the front lines of hearts and minds with everybody here, for a time, but without a PLAN B…CAREFULLY monitored by threat conditions to our goal, carefully monitored by national objectives and relationships between Uncle Sam and UN…I am not comfortable.  More needs to be done.  In an aircraft, it’s called “bingo fuel:” the fuel level at which you must not drop below if you wish to safely make it back home.  While I can attempt to win Hearts and Minds in America, I must recognize when that battle is lost.  I must recognize when the fight is approaching BINGO FUEL, and all efforts must be focused on PLAN B…strength, wisdom, and passion must all be pointing through their own reticle, conjugated on the same focal point, ready to get America “safely back home.”

Our parents’ generation was the generation to worry about BINGO FUEL, but the ride was so comfortable and beautiful, they stopped watching the gauge.  We are more the generation of Apollo 11: we’re in a tight spot, the situation is grim, and everything we know and have learned tells us there is no way home.  We need to find a way back home but we are already beyond BINGO FUEL.  Trouble is, we’re not as smart or well equipped as that able and ready crew.  Faith can move mountains, and knowing this, we must arm ourselves heavily in faith: it is our only hope.

Who will guard the guards?

This experiment in socialized living has been tried time and again, leading only to failure.  America has undergone great transformation that has taken years of study, manipulation of our economy, society, culture, and HEARTS and MINDS.  Our tree of freedom has been grafted.  We are just now starting to see the fruit on the branches, and very soon, like it not, we’re going to need to eat that fruit…and that fruit is ALL we will have to eat.  Like it or not, we’re going to have to pay dearly for that fruit as well, for it’s no longer our own, but the property and gifts from our “elected” and empowered rulers.

We have the end of civilized society standing at our door, and our door is not only unlocked, unguarded, and hollow; our door is wide open, and we have placed a welcome matt beneath the feet of our enemy.  All that needs to happen is the collapse of USA (imminent), and absorption into the United Nations (when “imminent” happens, this will seem very logical, if it doesn’t already sound very logical to you).  With this, it is the end of everything.  There is NO going back to freedom.

We, of course, have personal atonement and our own characters that we need to prepare for tribulation and for the END OF TIME.  Living our lives in a way that has any glimpse of hope to put a smile on the Face of God is the most we can do.  It is also the most important thing we can do.  However, if while doing this, we want to win a battle of FREEDOM, and save the greatest nation that ever was (and ever WILL be), we can not let it fall.

For all of this, and in summary to my thoughts here, I truly truly don’t believe we have time to convince the HEART and MIND of my mother in law, never mind 250 million people or more…

One thought on “Hearts and Minds of America

  1. tjefferson2076 says:

    The machine is in motion. The devil’s blood is filling the bodies of our countrymen. Have faith though…The Magna Carta was crafted in 1215, 562 years before the crafting of the ultimate document known to man, “The Declaration of Independence.”

    Sometimes God’s plan is not Mans plan.

    The fact is the odds are that we will not see a restoration of freedom in our lifetime. The fact is that we will suffer, and the suffering may not be so much as what is, but what could have been. Just think about all the lost opportunity and discoveries that could have been in a free society.

    We are laying the foundation of freedom. We are laying the foundation for when the time is right, we will restore man’s freedom.

    I often struggle with the difference between Man’s plan and God’s plan. The fact is, that this is beyond our control. This is God’s plan, and we must trust in God’s plan. We must do our part and we will.

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