Can’t Stop the Signal


December 9, 2012 by stark2076

Some people think that by banning guns, magically gun violence will cease.  Anyone who is capable of logical thought realizes that guns can be decreed illegal, but one can never un-invent the gun. Ok, so what are the ramifications to that? 

Anyone with a machine shop and a lathe can make a gun.  It is even easier with CNC

In the hinterlands of the world, people are making guns with hand tools right now.  No joke, you can make an AK-47 out of almost anything.  With a hammer, a fire, and some metal, you can do a lot.  Check out what one person did.  Shovel AK-47. 

Based on the above, you have to admit that guns will always be around.  Ammunition can be made by hand as well.  Therefore, anyone who seriously wants a gun, will be able to make one.  This is ignoring the other details, like guns that go missing from police and military storage, or cached weapons, or weapons brought in by smugglers.  The simple point is, you cannot stop people from having guns.  Once you acknowledge that point, 99% of gun control becomes utterly illogical.

I’ll leave you with this – the key word in gun control isn’t gun.

 – Stark2076


2 thoughts on “Can’t Stop the Signal

  1. tjefferson2076 says:

    Ok – that was the freakin coolest link that I have seen in a very long time. AK-47 IS the ultimate survival weapon.

  2. ethanallen2076 says:

    Wonderful link, an excellent way to remind us that we are capable of much more than we believe.

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