Vote Fraud vs. Reality


December 9, 2012 by tjefferson2076

Although I was not, nor had ever been a vibrant Romney supporter, I was in disbelief when the dear leader was re-immaculated by America.  The thoughts of voter fraud skidded through my mind…but I came to realize that the America in my mind was not the same one as in the mind of the majority of voters.

Gary Potter at writes:

It strains credulity that vote fraud can have been so widespread as to account for the margin of President Obama’s victory. At least it strains mine. Why, then, do so many conservatives allege it?

I can think of only one explanation. They have an idea of America that is so unreal compared to what actually exists, they can’t imagine how Obama could win except by stealing the election. I.e., he wouldn’t be elected by the same country that voted for Ronald Reagan.

Indeed he would not. The trouble is America in 2012 is not the nation it was in 1980, not racially, culturally, socially or politically. In fact, the America of some folks’ imagining was already so near gone by 1980 that otherwise the divorced actor would have been recognized for the faux conservative he was. This was confirmed when the immoralist Bill Clinton was elected a scant twelve years later. What ought to have been clear at that time, but few seem to have understood, was that once the U.S. voting majority were sunk so low that somebody like Clinton could be elected, no one materially better would be afterward – not unless the electorate changed for the better. (That Clinton is now honored as the nearest thing we can produce to an elder statesman testifies to the fact that, morally speaking, they have not, however much things have changed in other respects.)

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One thought on “ Vote Fraud vs. Reality

  1. bfranklin2076 says:

    Good article. Even though I advocate true libertarian ideals that individuals can really do whatever they please without infringing upon others rights I do believe without a moral society it can’t work. Hence what we have now with the state trying to mandate their ideals on society, which has worked in their short term view, but ultimately will fail as well. Completely agree that this is a long cultural war we are waging.

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