When union thugs/zombies attack

December 12, 2012 by bfranklin2076

Crazy video – not sure if this foxnews guy did anything to provoke any of the idiots or not, but this is a preview of what it is to come.  People will not like it when their entitlements or benefits are even challenged let alone cut.  I guess welcome to Mob rule.  The zombies are coming!

Clint Tarver’s hot dog cart, which he has operated since 1996, is another casualty of the union protest against the right-to-work law. Union members destroyed the cart and called Tarver an “Uncle Tom,” among other racist epithets, for serving right-to-work proponents.

After destroying the Americans for Prosperity tent, where Tarver was catering hotdogs, the mob turned there attention to the hot dog cart.

“Early today, Clint Tarver, known as “The Hot Dog Guy” here in Lansing had his business attacked by out of line and out of control protesters near the Capitol,” a blog post associated with a fundraiser to restore the hot dog cart explains. “‘It was when he returned to gather his equipment that the taunts and racial slurs began.”

When attacking the cart, the people were “yelling N*gger & Uncle Tom,” according to Michigan Republican State Committee member Nick Hawatmeh. Hawatmeh took a photo of the attack that you can see here.

According to the fundraising blog post, Tarver says (through his wife) that “the working people did not respect the working man. He was not there to be political; he was just there to serve.”

Source: http://washingtonexaminer.com/article/2515746#.UMkLoYWR39P

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