Gun Control – Is the Fix In?


December 19, 2012 by stark2076

Ladies and Gentlemen,

To quote “The Sting”, “the fix was in”.  Several recent mass murders by deranged individuals, a media dancing in the blood on innocents, a President supported by an anti-gun Congress, and now, retirement funds.

Cerebus Group has announced they are selling Freedom Group – a conglomeration of firearms manufacturers.  It is speculated that this is in part due to pressure from investors, chiefly the California State Teacher’s Retirement System.  Welcome to full bore economic warfare.

If they can’t regulate guns out of existence, they’ll try to make the manufacturers bankrupt.  A darker possibility is that Cerebus is not being driven purely by investors, but knows something we don’t.  Something that would hurt profits in the firearms industry.  Something like another ban.

Don’t run out and buy willy nilly – that is already happening and I don’t hold with panic buying.  Do write your Congressman and let him or her know that supporting a ban of any sort on firearms will earn your undying opposition.

The mass murderers whose names I will never utter in public, whose pictures will never appear on this blog, broke existing gun laws in their effort to commit even greater sins.  Until it is acknowledge that gun laws only disarm the innocent, we will continue to see these monsters ravage our defenseless children again and again.  When we acknowledge that laws that disarm the innocent are immoral and unconstitutional, we will see these monsters be put down when they rear their ugly heads, with less loss of innocent life.

The only solution to a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun.  Stop disarming good men.

– Stark2076


One thought on “Gun Control – Is the Fix In?

  1. ethanallen2076 says:

    Pretend you have foresight on a given situation…lets pick a less sensitive but just as applicable topic, concerning guns, and evil.

    Let’s jump back in time to 1975. Some readers weren’t yet born, and some were children, and some were adults, others retired or otherwise in their golden years, and unfortunately not privy to this post from Earth.

    Put yourself in time as you were, if unborn, in your pregnant mother’s womb. If a child, under the care of your parents (at the time were predominantly male and female and predominantly biological, but there are exceptions).

    You, or your parents, are headed to the bank. Your father is going to draw his last payment on his home mortage, or your mother for the olive and mustard dishwasher she’s always wanted. Or, you for your first motorcycle, dirt bike, or to deposit your hard earned babysitting money into your first checking account.

    Now, here is the foresight given. You know in this bank, the vault is open due to high activity, every teller is busy, conversational, and 85% of the folks are locals. There are 28 folks being served, loitering, and just waiting in line. Now this, there are two armed guards inside employed by the bank. One a veteran officer retired from the military, another a new recruit in training.

    You have a choice to make. You can not choose to conduct your business another day, and you must enter the building. Which scenario would you feel MOST comfortable with being in place before you enter the building. Note, all scenarios are bound by the fact that your parents are not gun supporters and are not carrying.

    You know nothing of the general population’s will or intent, upbringing, mental condition, or the status of an existing loving home.

    Guns are illegal, but there are always folks who disrespect the law.

    A) You know there are 5 guns in this building…
    B) You know there are 3 guns in this building…
    C) You know there are 24 guns in this building…

    My choice is clear, but I will not bias the results with it here. If you’re reading this, a posting with your choice would be appreciated.

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