Media Template: Guns cause mass shootings, therefore they need to be banned


December 20, 2012 by tjefferson2076

Ever wonder how the media and intellectuals shape our view?  If the absolute horror of the Newtown School Massacre isn’t enough, the coverage and spin of the media makes it that much worse to swallow.  First of all, if my child was killed in this manner, the absolute LAST thing I would want is for the media to be in my community 24/7 covering every tid bit of my community trying to make sense of this horror.  I would want them out and as far away as possible.

Second, the entire government-media complex quickly spun into high gear to take advantage of this tragedy to push their agenda to take away more of your Freedom.  They are quick to conclude that the GUN is the sole and only cause of these mass shootings.  The gun is not cause of this crime.  Violence is a reflection of culture.  Where the gun is banned, there is still violence as illustrated in this recent report of Chinese man stabbing 22 children at a primary school in China:

I reject the media template and I refuse to comply.  I would argue that the current unholy culture that we call America is the root cause of this violence.  A society that rejects Jesus Christ as savior, a society that rejects God in our lives creates demons that can cause mass destruction.

A society void of God creates tv shows and movies that glorify violence.  A society void of God creates video games that teach our youth that you win by killing (in the videogame) more effectively and efficiently.  A society void of God does not offer troubled youth proper support and love, love that is only available from God.

In addition, a Media that acts as the messenger of satan makes these killers into heroes.  The media gives these killers their fame and “respect” that they never got from the Godless society that rejected them.

Media template: The Media and Culture cause mass shootings, therefore they need to be banned!

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  1. stark2076 says:

    The bottom line is simple. Humans make choices. They will then carry out their agendas with whatever tools are available. Our society has stopped blaming individuals for their choices, and instead blames inanimate objects. Until personal accountability comes back, we are in trouble.

    – Stark2076

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