On Marriage…

December 20, 2012 by EthanAllen2076

Why Marry a spouse?

It’s a bad business decision.  It’s nothing but financial and emotional liability.  There is no return on investment in a fiscal sense.  It locks you into a relationship bound by laws that an antiquated and “living document” haven’t kept up with.  It puts your possessions and assets at risk up to 50% or sometimes greater.  From the MBA and business, or financial analyst standpoint, why marry? It’s a bad business decision…


Hmm, maybe God is smarter than all of us (rhetorical).  Maybe He knew that in marriage, we would understand the first qualities of giving and doing for others, of offering yourself and your labors, to the pure benefit of another.  Responsibility for others other than yourself.


Perhaps He knew, that in marriage we would realize how rewarding it would be to work together. To realize our own faults, and have somebody IMMEDIATELY there willing to overlook them, forgive them, and be an everlasting reminder that we are accepted and revered for our STRENGTHS, over our faults.


Perhaps, by attending church together, sitting side by side in the pew of the House that wed us, we would realize that we are wed to strengthen each other, to remind each other about the mission of our lives together.  Perhaps we would be there to provide the strength and courage needed in dark times, to do the RIGHT thing over the EASY thing.  Perhaps we’d be another unsubjective conscience to our husband or wife, to guide them through the fog and stress of work, political, or civil disputes and challenges.

Perhaps marriage is about all of this, and much more…what could be more?

Oh yes, CHILDREN!  Perhaps when all of these minute details are ironed out and are working together cohesively to build an enduring and self sustaining, inter-dependent and co-dependent  relationship which is immune to the morale decay and subversion of society, our relationship would bloom to receive the Blessings of God in the form of children to raise and guide through life.  Children who would know a loving home, well experienced in overcoming diversity, pressure, and challenge.  Children would grow up in a secure home, safe to learn the values of their parents, and begin practicing them at a young age…preparing themselves for adulthood when their decisions become more paramount to their survival and their security under adult responsibilities.  Perhaps…just perhaps, children would grow up and want to be AT LEAST as good a parent to their children, as their parents were to them.


Perhaps, it’s really just about sex, and money.  If it’s purely about sex and finances, I don’t see the return on investment to substantiate marriage.  Children would grow to value only sex and finances, and wouldn’t know the love and warmth provided by family, and so wouldn’t know enough to demand it for their own children, and this downward spiral would continue generation after generation.


For these comments, which I believe admittedly are overly ornate, I don’t see the value and prestige that folks seek to earn in repeated marriages, same sex marriages, and the like.  Until death do you part, means that come hell or high water, you will breath your last breath in service to the Lord to save a crumbling and deteriorating marriage to your spouse, in no doubt giving an abundance of forgiveness, love, and compassion to a spouse that has hurt you seemingly irrevocably.  Forgiveness being one of the hardest things we humans are capable of, has the power to change the most minds and have the greatest impact in spreading the Word of the Lord.


Hold onto your marriage as you’d hold on to a canteen of water through a trip across the desert.  If your family makes it through their journey completely devoid of water…at least your children will know enough to bring a canteen with them on their journeys later in life.  With enough guidance in principle and faith in our Lord, they may just have enough wisdom to fill it…before they head out the door.


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