The “Fiscal Cliff” Explained


December 28, 2012 by bfranklin2076

fiscalcliff copy

Photo courtesy of The Angel Clark Show

2 thoughts on “The “Fiscal Cliff” Explained

  1. ethanallen2076 says:

    Fiscal Cliff is a head fake, or worse…irrelevant. With the debt where it is, with the spending where it is, there is no way out without closing doors on government agencies. Pay no attention to the man behind he curtain, especially when he’s talking to the UN. Keep focusing on the “Fiscal Cliff.”

    …easiest things to lose during times of great turmoil are personal liberties…they are also the greatest rewards for enduring such times. A fight is coming; let’s hope we manage to clear the smoke on the other side of this battle with MORE freedom, and not less…

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