“Respect the Second Amendment”


December 29, 2012 by stark2076

Gentle readers, let us talk about respecting the Second Amendment.  This seems to be a topic of discussion these days, so I shall submit my beliefs.

When I have a belt fed, .30 cal machine gun over my mantle place, with no onerous paperwork or threat of ATF raid hanging over my head, then the Second Amendment is respected.  Oh, and a full belt of .30 cal locked into the feed tray, lest you take refuge in that argument for fools regarding ammunition.

When I can walk onto an airplane, into a courtroom, onto a military base, even to shake hands with the President of the United States himself with a pistol on my hip and no government permission required, then the Second Amendment is respected.

When I require no permission from the government to carry what I please where I please when I please, and to own just about anything I can afford (up to and including artillery), then the Second Amendment is respected.

Right now, the Second Amendment is smeared, torn, and ignored by the government.  Telling me the government respects the Second Amendment is like a rapist telling his victim he’ll respect her in the morning.

How did I arrive at this perspective?  It comes down to fundamentals.  Three basic things.  First, a belief in a God given right to self defense.  Second, a belief that punishing the many for the transgressions of the few is foolish.  And lastly, the simple fact that I read history.

God is our supreme arbiter.  I believe He gave every human the basic right to defend themselves against aggression.  Tools are critical in defending yourself against aggression, and firearms are currently the most effective tools available.  Banning effective tools infringes on our basic right to self defense.  Mass murders tend to happen almost exclusively where effective tools of self defense are banned.

The transgressions of the few should not reflect on the many.  A 2011 Gallup poll estimates that 46% of American households own a gun.  We are upward of 308 Million people in our nation.  Do a little basic math, and you’ll see that the vast, vast majority of American gun owners didn’t kill anybody this year.  Now explain to me why you want gun owners to be treated like criminals?  Additionally, any effort to force 46% of American households to do anything is Herculean, if not Sisyphean.  Not a task the US Government, which hasn’t even passed a budget in years, is up to.

I don’t actually care what you believe in.  Really, your beliefs are actually your problem.  Ralph Peters has a great quote “Culture is destiny.”  If your culture doesn’t care for guns, that is truly your problem.  Assuming you can read (as you have read this post, I assume you can read or have someone willing to read to you), you should be aware that history repeats itself.  If you are aware that history repeats itself, as human nature cannot be fundamentally changed, you are aware that every time guns are registered, they are eventually confiscated.  And if you have read that far, the spoiler is: after confiscation, comes massacre.  Do your own research.  Great Britain is the current exception.  Look at Nazi Germany, look at Cambodia.  Look at Russia.  Find an example 50 years in the past where registration does not lead to massacre, and I am all ears.  This final reason is why any rational human being should be diametrically opposed to limitations on civilian gun ownership.  You may not think you are who “they” will come for, but that is a most dangerous gamble to make.

The below is a far from ideal compromise.  My idea of compromise is somewhat along the ideas of “Life in prison, hard labor, instead of hanged at sunrise for crimes against the Constitution”, but this does get the idea that citizens must be able to exercise their rights everywhere on the floor.

Federal CCW Permit

The core goal is that the Federal Government recognizes the right to carry what you want, where you want, how you want, as such an intrinsic right it is utterly unassailable.  This is a dangerous step towards that.  And I vehemently disagree that CCW is a privilege.  CCW is a right.  You can forfeit a right through your actions, but a right should never be legislated away.

– Stark2076


P.S.  Mind you, that is a very lenient compromise.  When it comes to the Constitution, I advocate compromises along the lines of “Rope or Lead.”  Never let it be said that I am not open to compromise.  Especially in these austere times where rope is more cheaply reusable.


2 thoughts on ““Respect the Second Amendment”

  1. tjefferson2076 says:

    The same people who speak against “monopolies” are the same ones who want to give the government the ultimate monopoly on gun ownership. Gun control ultimately leads to two groups still having access to guns: The Criminals and the Government…and a Government that confiscates guns ultimately degrades into a group that is indistinguishable from the Criminals.

  2. ethanallen2076 says:

    Probably didn’t pick up on THIS story in the general media…doesn’t fit with the agenda.

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