January 1, 2013 by EthanAllen2076

It’s a new year.  I won’t wish anybody HAPPY NEW YEAR, I’ll just say IT’S A NEW YEAR.


I challenge every person reading this to form a resolution for this new year.  GET OFF THE FENCE POST…and grab a tool…and begin work.  DO YOUR RESEARCH, and make your decision, for the side of the fence you fall on is of great significance to your soul.  Make your choice.  If you haven’t decided, the post you now sit on will be forcibly removed by your government, and you WILL make a choice in their company.  I suggest you all think independently, while you can, and NOW. 

When Paul Revere rides by your home…you will need to know whether you want to grab your rifle and put on your boots, or roll over and wait until morning.

He’s on his ride.  Make your choice.



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