Gov Christie: We are all pigs at Washington’s trough


January 3, 2013 by tjefferson2076

Chris Christie complaining about inaction by the House of Representatives on a 60Billion porkulus bill to bailout New York and New Jersey from the Non-Hurricane, Hurricane that destroyed many coastal areas of these states is what is completely wrong with our culture.

Everyone agrees that these people need assistance in rebuilding…but why does it always have to come from Washington? Where are the adults?  Why are the states not working to rebuild themselves?  We have created a culture of pigs feeding at the trough of DC, and when DC acts responsibly by stating that you’ve had too much, the pig turns feral and fights back.

We will never regain freedom unless we can regain our independence from Washington, and that will only come from the grassroots because our Washington Masters are only too willing to comply and make us into their slaves.

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One thought on “Gov Christie: We are all pigs at Washington’s trough

  1. ethanallen2076 says:

    60 Billion is nothing. I don’t see what the big deal is. That’s like, lessee, carry the zero, carry another zero…0.06 Trillion. Are you saying a single human life, unable to otherwise help themselves, heed warnings, be prepared for disasters, or even…WALK SOUTH to warmer climates…would not be worth 0.06 Trillion bucks?

    Hard to put a price on helplessness.

    (This is satire. I know there are legitimate needs in NY and NJ, and do not mean to belittle those needs…however, as was said in the original post…WHERE ARE THE NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS and why is everybody looking to Washington for answers…Don’t you all know BY NOW that there is nothing GOOD to come from Washington?)

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