AGENDA: Grinding America Down


January 5, 2013 by EthanAllen2076

Free for a limited time at the following link, this video is well worth a 90 minute review.

Thanks to PatrickHenry2076 for the recommendation to post.

AGENDA: Grinding America Down (FULL VIDEO)

Also, read about the documentary at their website here:

AGENDA: Grinding America Down (WEB SITE)

Great Work Mr. Curtis Bowers.  My tri-cornered hat is off to you.


One thought on “AGENDA: Grinding America Down

  1. phenry2076 says:

    I think that it comes down to either you on God’s side, or not. If you’re on God’s side you are 100% for the principles laid down by the founders of our country. If you’re not on God’s side then you believe those principles are flexible, and maybe even not applicable…

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