Sandy Hook Legislation


January 6, 2013 by EthanAllen2076

In response to Sandy Hook (I’m so sorry to the families DIRECTLY affected by this EVIL, and I’m so sorry also that your government is using you and your suffering for progressive activism), Burlington, VT is trying to establish a city ordnance (in direct violation of the state’s constitution, which prevents any township or city from enacting restrictions on the residents’ rights concerning firearms, MORE severe than the state’s overarching governance, which is for now, quite lenient, or should I say RESPECTFUL of the US Constitution).

Read this proposal…which will be voted on Monday the 7th, at 7 PM in Burlington.

Read the reasons and understand how the culture in VERMONT (at least Burlington) thinks.


They think the STATE CONSTITUTION and STATE LAW can be violated if popular vote demands it.

They think an emotional response to tragedy and posting a sign on the front door of the city that says “THE SCHOOLS AND BUSINESSES IN THIS DISTRICT ARE PROTECTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT ALONE, NO CIVILIAN RESISTANCE OR CAPABILITY” is a good idea.

This is a national problem: American Citizens are unaware of their constitutional rights, and believe when those constitutional rights counter their culture and way of life, they are subject to interpretation.

I agree, the SECOND AMENDMENT can be rescinded (I would not support this, but it could be done)…but there is a process for this.  It’s called a Constitutional Ammendment, and it must be held in session by the acting Congress.  There’s a process, you can study the action taken by the 18th, and 21st Amendments, regarding prohibition.

I won’t even get into the fact that “clips” haven’t been used in a modern firearm for more than 100 years, and also…there is no definition for “assault” regarding firearms, also, that any of the authors of this proposal actually understand what “semi-automatic” means.


2 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Legislation

  1. bfranklin2076 says:

    Well said – that’s why I’ve thought more and more recently that the root of the problem doesn’t lie with the politicians per se, but with the general populis lack of understanding of their rights and especially the constitution.

    • EthanAllen2076 says:

      We, (not IRBI I pray) society as a whole, BLAME our politicians for being NO BETTER than ourselves. We elect them to represent and govern us, and they are guilty of NO MORE lack of character, loyalty, or sense of honor, than the electorate they represent. Our culture is LADEN (over a majority now) with liars, cheaters, thieves, and sinners. Yet, when our politicians do the same, we somehow forget our own nature, and blame them for not holding themselves to a higher standard. What is missing, is that WE DO NOT HOLD THEM to a higher standard, by holding OURSELVES to a higher standard.

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