Move to a Red State, if not Move to a Red County


January 8, 2013 by tjefferson2076

I’ve heard many say: I’m moving out of this liberal leaning state and moving to this conservative/libertarian leaning state.  I think it is a good idea.  I think one of the strategies of our movement needs to be consolidation.  There is good reason for this…we still have a fair amount of freedom to gain back from opting out of the federal and state government programs that are voluntarily imposed on us.  For instance, the “21 year old” drinking law is voluntary.  By the states not accepting federal tax money for highways, the states can adjust the drinking age (or eliminate it) to suite their citizen’s needs and desires.  Another reason is that by consolidating into red areas, we can have major influence over the direction of the local community (in terms of government, schools, etc) that we have no chance of controlling in a blue area.  In addition, a red area can push back by incorporating pro freedom and capitalism ordinances for businesses, passing nullification by jury in local and state courts, etc.  In addition, it is much more pleasing to live near people that share your views on life, culture, and freedom.  Not only will it be more satisfying to visit your neighbor who you can share your views on Big Government without getting the stink eye, you will be with people who share your values and that will solidify your and your families growth towards God and Freedom.  We will change the culture (or resist the cultural degradation of the blue areas).

I believe that Texas is the intellectual headquarters for the freedom movement. This isn’t because Texas is the most free (because other states such as New Hampshire, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alaska, etc may be arguably more free), but because of it’s anti-federal government, rugged individualistic, Christian culture.  Texas is leading the charge against the fascist encroachment of the federal government.  Texas is leading the freedom culture war.  Texas gave us Ron Paul.  Texas can give us more Ron Paul’s, especially if lots of conservative-libertarians resettle there.

I understand that is not practical for many to up and move to Texas.  It may, however, be possible for you to move into a nearby county whose citizens more closely share your views.  One way to measure it is by the 2012 election results (see illustration below from


For example Florida went to Obama by a narrow margin of only 74,309 votes.  However, there are some extremely liberty friendly places to live within Florida that would be receptive to welcoming new liberty minded residents (who will only make the area more likely to resist the storm).  For example, in Obama only received 25% of the vote in Okaloosa County located in the Florida Panhandle (70,168 to 23,421).

Looking at the map, you will find Conservative-Libertarian friendly areas even in the liberal bastions of Maryland, New York, California, Connecticut, etc.

Therefore, move to a solid Red State, and in my opinion, Texas is the ideological leader…even Glenn Beck has made the move.  However, if you cannot make the move consider moving to a nearby red county.  Move to the county and build an ideological fence.  Get involved in your local community and politics.  Network with like minded people.  Put your kids in private school or homeschool.  Enact policies that scare liberals off like allowing God and guns in school zones.

This fight will take our lifetimes.  It took five hundred years after the Magna Carta for the Declaration of Independence.  Let’s start building the foundation.

2 thoughts on “Move to a Red State, if not Move to a Red County

  1. EthanAllen2076 says:

    I agree wholeheartedly, and I would suggest that those considering this as a good measure of personal protection against facism and communism get aggressive and make this happen soon.

    I also believe Texas is a good destination. I would caution the folks in Texas to really scrutinize their immigrants however, because if there is a mad dash of conservatives and libertarians heading to Texas, you can bet the leftists and communists will be doing the same, though subversively.

    I would actually enjoy taking the entire center nations (continental divide) as red states, and force the Communist Coasts to pay a heavy tariff and fee to cross “The Great Divide” in order to reach their counterparts.

    Refuse ALL FEDERAL SUBSIDY, and in fact CONDEMN it. LIVE BY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW EXPLICITLY AND IN LIMITATION TO SUCH, and build morals and ethics that was displayed by the founders, and by America’s Greatest Generation that freed Europe of Communist rule…and by displayed America’s might to win a war against our strongest adversaries in two simultaneous theaters EACH larger than both Iraq and Afghanistan. And, back home, a culture and citizenry that prayed on their knees for their brave men and women in the war, and awaited their return, welcoming them home as the heroes they were.

    America can be great again, but a good portion of this nation needs to be reborn. Every now and then lightning strikes the tallest tree in the forest, and sets the entire region ablaze. What immediately follows is complete devastation, but what follows is complete and unrestrained LIFE…growing at a nearly unstoppable rate.

    As Thomas Jefferson once stated, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants,” and I would propose we prepare ourselves for this necessary rebirth, and that we try to build up our nation that is by majority PRO FREEDOM (despite continued media extortion of the opposite), so that the larger of the two groups to face casualties are the tyrants.

    I am not advocating we instigate an intense conflict. I am proclaiming that we have already waited too long against the instigations of a greedy, Godless, Anti-American culture that has completely infiltrated our Government on nearly all levels.

    To move and consolidate forces, I believe, is wise. To retreat and regroup is wise. George Washington won many conflicts and ultimately the Nation’s freedom using these tenets of battle, and often despite being outgunned, outnumbered, and out supplied. His faith in God (despite what the media does to defray this fact) convinced his conscience to take unbelievable risks and pit his forces against enemies much like David vs. Goliath, and with Divine inspiration and protection, he defeated the foe and GAVE US AMERICA.

    Let us not lose it because we were all too attached to our material possessions to make the necessary tactical moves before martial law, curfew, or state lock-downs take place (or, more likely exit taxes or real estate taxes (if moving out of state) that would prohibit even the strongest patriots from making this decision.

    Our founders spent months, some years at a time, over seas, in other colonies more than a day’s drive (several weeks, by horseback) away from their wives, families, homesteads, and farms…leaving complete survival of their families to their wives and communities. Of course, in that time children by the age of 10 were birthing cows and shoeing horses…where today’s “children” live with their parents until they are 26.

    Think about what is at stake, and where you can have the most impact on your nation to affect Freedom…because I fear, though I do not know, that if you do not make these decisions because of your pride in your job, your status at work and fear to start over, your attachment to your material possessions…you may find soon enough that the Government took them from you regardless, so you are going to lose anyhow.

    If you have something your neighbor doesn’t…it will soon become his…the government will see to it, and is seeing to it now.

    Good post TJefferson2076.

    I agree.

  2. bfranklin2076 says:

    Well said, both of you! You guys leave little for me to add. I will always love Western NY (my home), and didn’t know it at the time I moved to Florida, but I thank God that was able to relocate here (Brevard County – very red) and meet up with similar like minded people …

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