CATO: How Fossil Fuels Saved Humanity from Nature and Nature From Humanity


January 13, 2013 by tjefferson2076

This article from the Cato Institute is brilliant and pure truth, which is the equivalent of “hate” to the mainstream media and culture.  People are brainwashed by the media to hate fossil fuels, but without fossil fuels many of us would be dying of starvation let alone not having our beloved Ipods and Ipads.  We should worship fossil fuels, not shun them.  I encourage you to check this article out and share it with your self hating environmental wacko friends:

2 thoughts on “CATO: How Fossil Fuels Saved Humanity from Nature and Nature From Humanity

  1. We’re not sure where the idea that people are “brainwashed by the media to hate fossil fuels” comes from, but we do think it’s fair to observe that as our freshwater lakes become increasingly toxic with mercury from coal-fired plants, as critical marine fisheries are becoming degraded by fossil fuel production, and as drinking water sources become degraded or threatened by those same forces, that increasing numbers of people have become educated to the point that they now have concerns regarding fossil fuels that previous generations were less aware of. However, except for the make-believe straw men groups like the CATO institute conjures up, we’d be hard pressed to name anyone who “hates” fossil fuels. Some people are beginning to look for alternatives and to think more in terms of what practices are sustainable. This is a bad things because…?

    Reply by Thomas Jefferson – Not sure if you actually read the article – but the media template is that fossil fuels are “bad” and therefore we need to stop using them. This article points out all the benefits of using fossil fuels. Sure, there are consequences, but the consequences of not having fossil fuels and having a life expectancy of only 26 years is never pointed out to people by the media. The environmental movement consists of a bunch of zombie lemmings who never take a moment to look at the consequences of the actions that they promote. It is led by rich elitists such as Al Gore who fly around on private jets while peddling inefficient non economical technologies that will impoverish the masses while enriching the elite. Because of this we have mercury CFL lightbulbs in our homes. Because of them we have lithium battery cars in our garages. Because of them we are burning ethanol in our vehicles instead of feeding the world. We need cheap plentiful energy to help the poor and lower working classes. Fossil fuels are an important part of that and an important part of the history of mankind. Give mankind the facts, both the pros and cons, and then let man choose. The media has an agenda and the agenda is your freedom of choice. It is about freedom of the individual to choose the energy that they use…not the elite media and the state to force inefficient and destructive technologies down our throats. Sorry that you are so closed minded. We left those such as you back in England when we founded our nation.

  2. EthanAllen2076 says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Donachy,

    First of all, welcome to the debate. It’s great to have you onboard, and engaged in this discussion. America NEEDS this discussion, on the topics of Fossil Fuels, as well as so many other topics such as Religion, Role of Government, Taxes, Corporations, Individual Liberty, and Endowed Rights.

    I think before having the argument on fossil fuels and alternative energy sources, it is important to realize one fact…no matter HOW old, and perhaps even how YOUNG you are…if you are alive today, it is safe to say that your parents were NOT having this discussion on alternative energy, fossil fuels, and the complete and utter destruction of the planet.

    Since our parents were not discussing the need to save the planet, does not mean we should not be concerned and be good stewards of our WORLD, that is the responsibility of ANY conscious being…but since our parents weren’t talking about it, it is at least plausible to believe that “FACTS” we have learned in the past 40 years probably haven’t put us on the brink of world destruction. Some of the best minds in the world may have detected that a bit earlier, and before Bill Clinton, George Bush, Al Gore, and B.O.’s time in Washington.

    I believe very genuinely, and although this is subjective, that the government we have today is THE most corrupt government in American History. .My point is…the GOVERNMENT in America today is telling you what cars to buy, what light bulbs to illuminate your house with, and even further. There is a very good chance that your electric bill has a subsidy charge on it to reimburse the electric company for a tax that the government forces upon them, to build up the “green energy” industry. Must be good for them…not good for you. Why? I say if green energy is the best solution…some of the best engineering, scientific, and entrepreneurial minds in today’s VERY HUNGRY work force would be champing at the bit to develop and fill this market gap. The green energy movement is NOT flourishing, and is NOT thriving, and quite frankly is going bankrupt. Without government subsidy, it would be GONE…and it soon will be…as soon as government money (YOUR MONEY) runs out.

    Quite frankly, our government is NOT reliable as an entity looking out for your best interests, and what they can’t convince you to do morally or ethically, they force you to do with subsidies and economics, as well as taxation, to make your “decision making” thought pattern arrive at their conclusion, while giving you a sense of personal choice and independence, if not even a sense of being fiscally savvy.

    Don’t worry about the solar cycle being at an 11 year peak of activity…if you are worried, at least don’t question if there is a relation…and if there is, at least disregard it unless you can make money on it.

    I believe personally that if mankind CLEAR CUT the planet…BURNED ALL the rain forests…USED THE WORLD’S OCEANS as our planetary landfill, and did any other destructive act willfully and purposefully, we would only HURT OURSELVES, not the planet.
    The world, if she could, would laugh at us…and completely rebirth into an even MORE beautiful and lush planet…and everything but humans would flourish.

    And, on the media, if you listen to the media and watch television, and listen only to FM radio…you are being brainwashed. Believe me…I became so disgusted that I threw my television away six years ago. Haven’t owned one since. Don’t own a cell phone. These are personal choices. Don’t make the mistake of thinking I must be uninformed…to keep informed of the news, and current events…I imagine I could square off with the best of them. But, by not being laden with the filth of television and even much of radio…I can tell you that what is on for programming DOES have an agenda. If you aren’t used to seeing it…it is as clear as day.

    Don’t make the assumption either, that since my opinion is that the environmental movement is full of government agendas, wacko’s and communist plots…that I must be a staunch republican. No no, you see…it’s not about choosing LEFT or RIGHT…a PRIUS or a DIESEL TRUCK…it’s about finding and learning, and passing along…TRUTH.

    You know what will be here LONG after the debate over GREEN ENERGY or FOSSIL FUEL…long after AMERICA is destroyed or saved, and long after the human race is either extinct, or on to populating new worlds? THE ENVIRONMENT…just the way it’s supposed to be.

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