Join the National Rifle Association Now: For Free!


January 15, 2013 by tjefferson2076


Since our Self Defense freedoms have come under attack by the elite, NRA Membership has surged:

The NRA is offering two deals to entice you into signing up (although I recommend paying the full amount if your budget allows because FREEDOM IS NOT FREE)

In this deal, you pay $25.00 for a 1 year membership (normally $35.00) and you get a $25.00 gift card from Bass Pro Shop, making it FREE!

In this deal, the NRA is offering a free NRA Life of Duty Membership to Law Enforcement, Military, and First Responders.

If you are not a member, please consider the deal.  This is the first way to resist this tyranny!


2 thoughts on “Join the National Rifle Association Now: For Free!

  1. bfranklin2076 says:

    Signed up last week!

  2. EthanAllen2076 says:

    This is great stuff.

    Encourage everybody to consider it. There are other good groups to join as well. If you are in Vermont or if you care about Vermont, consider IDEAS FOR VERMONT’S FUTURE:

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