Follow up to Move to a Red State: Regional Areas of Freedom

January 16, 2013 by tjefferson2076

This is a follow up to my previous post: Move to A Red State, If not Move to A Red County.

I’ve thought this through a little more.  Not only is it important to move to a red county in a red state, but I think there are 7 regional areas of freedom in this country.  These areas comprise the red states but also comprise some areas of neighboring “swing states.”

After this latest push by the Leftists in the blue states to destroy the Second Amendment for their citizens, I highly suggest they leave these states, even if in a so called Red county and move to at least a swing state bordering one of these regions of freedom.

First, let’s review the 2012 election map:


1.  The oil-gulf coast region.  This region extends from Texas to Northwest Florida, probably ending near Tallahassee, Fl.  This region includes Louisiana, Southern Mississippi, Southern Alabama and Oklahoma.  The Regional freedom capital is Texas.  This area is probably the most economically and culturally independent (from Washington DC) part of this country.  When the financial collapse happens, this region will still prosper due to the production of energy and products that the rest of the world still desires.  Glenn Beck is planning on building a City-Themepark Hyrbid called “Independence USA” somewhere in Texas.

2.  The coastal South – This region starts in Virginia and runs through North-Central Florida .  The regional freedom capital is South Carolina.  This area comprises many areas of the traditional south whose values are under attack by the Washington Elite.  This area is friendly to Christians and Traditional family values.

3.  The Mountain South – This region includes Northern Georgia through Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Western Virginia, Southern Ohio, and Indiana.  The regional freedom capital is either Kentucky or Tennessee.  This region is similar to the coastal south.  The Mountain South is probably more culturally resistant to Washington that the Coastal South and has deep roots in it’s bootlegger cultural past.

4.  The Great Plains – This region spans from North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas.  The regional freedom capital is Nebraska.  This area is resistant to Washington for reasons much like the gulf-coast oil region.  It is economically independent with vast oil reserves and food.  However, it does not have the culturally independent attitude that the Texan culture has.

5.  The Mountain West.  This region spans from Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah,  Arizona, Western Colorado, and Northern Nevada. The regional freedom capital is centered around Utah-Wyoming-Idaho.  This area is probably the second most cultural resistant to the Washington Elite aside from the Gulf-coast oil region.  This area is rich in natural resources, God, traditional family values, and independence.  Idaho is the site of a planned community “The Citadel” for freedom minded individuals to build a self-sufficient community. Utah is the center of the Mormon Church that encourages it’s members to be self-reliant and dependent on those in the church community, not Washington.

6. Alaska – Alaska is the ultimate libertarian state – many Alaskans probably don’t even consider themselves part of the union.  The state has a very rugged individualist self-reliant attitude and is extremely rich in natural resources.  It could very easily survive without the lower 48.  This is a good region to move to if you want to disappear, but the state hasn’t done a good job resisting the heavy hand of Washington by the welfare seeking Republicrats that they send to represent them.

7. New Hampshire – barely making the list, but probably the only outpost of quasi-freedom in the Northeast.  The state is loosely a swing state and has a very libertarian culture.  The state motto is “Live Free or Die”  This is the state chosen by the Free State Project as the most libertarian friendly state.  At the same time, it is probably the least religious state and is surrounded by extreme leftist’s states making it an outpost that is barely holding onto it’s motto.

So there you have it.  Find the region that fits best with your values and migrate to it.  When you arrive, build networks to strengthen the region, it’s people, and culture to be free of Washington.  It is up to us, as Free men to do this as individuals.  It is up to us to resist, and to restore Freedom.

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