Ron Paul Interview with Alex Jones

January 19, 2013 by bfranklin2076

Recent full length interview on the cultural war we are involved in.  Even though I find Alex Jones annoying at times (personal opinion) I thought this was a good overall interview worth spreading.  Alex seems to hint that everything the “collective” does is a deliberate  direct conspiracy by the corporate mafia organizations and world banks, but Dr. Paul disagrees to a point that it is more of a indoctrination/generational/educational problem.  He explains that there are certainly people in the right places (bankers) that are in it for power and greed to react to the ideology, but the majority of society are really duped into believing this stuff. In another portion of the interview Alex also tries to egg Dr. Paul about Glenn Beck’s recent strategy, but he doesn’t really bite either.  We all know that the Beck and Paul folks disagree on a few issues, but there is more than sufficient overlap on the majority of our liberty issues that we should and need to unite. Anyways, enjoy the interview!

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