Robert Wenzel interviews Doug Wead


January 21, 2013 by bfranklin2076

Very interesting hour long interview with Doug Wead, who was most recently with the Ron campaign, on the Robert Wenzel show.  If you ignore the short section on weight loss crap at ~15 minutes or so there are really some good nuggets of info in there on the liberty movement.  He covers everything from Rand 2016, differences between Ron and Rand, compromising versus the language used (e.g. on the FED or foreign aid).  It includes some interesting tidbits about GW Bush (who nationalized the US banks aka socialism) and FDR. They go on to talk about social conservatives, Israel, Iraq, and Iran among other things.

Towards the end of the interview there is a good discussion on how we best change the culture without compromising ideals which ties into Rand future.  According to Wenzel everyone is a leftist neocon and there is no possible way to win without selling out, so where do we need to draw that line within the freedom movement?  Doug explains that you cannot win a national election without playing their game and trying to welcome in some newer people.  He also cautions that DC compromises the best of us – power corrupts just about all.

One thought on “Robert Wenzel interviews Doug Wead

  1. tjefferson2076 says:

    Very good interview. Regardless of the thoughts of the so called “purists” like Robert Wenzel, I respect Doug Weed and Rand Paul because they are actually trying to do something about the mess we are in, instead of criticizing everything that you may/may not agree with. One of the problems with the liberty movement is 1. Not everyone in it understand freedom 2. Not everyone in it has the same view of freedom. We need to grow the movement, and grow it towards “more freedom” but at the same time we need realists in office like Rand Paul and strategists like Doug Weed or we won’t ever get the opportunity to restore our Republic…in other words, let’s throw our criticism against the left, and the progressive Republicans instead of against those such as Rand Paul that agree with us the most.

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