Hillary grilled over Benghazi attacks

January 23, 2013 by bfranklin2076

Glad there are a few senators around asking some tough questions!

Senator Rand Paul says he would have relieved the Secretary of State from her position:

She then lashed out at Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) and stated she did not care what the reasons were for the attack which does not do much to prevent this kind of violence in the future.  This is microcosm of the war on terror in that we do not fully look to understand, or perhaps those in power ignore, why “they” attack us instead we continue to endlessly chase them to every corner of the world (yes some chasing is warranted) while creating even more terrorists in the wake.  No matter what the intention this all keeps the military industrial complex going strong and more of our good men and women needlessly marching off to war.


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