It isn’t about the guns, it is about the control

January 25, 2013 by stark2076

MSNBC Reports

Interesting.  The gist of the report, for those of you who refuse to give the MSM your clicks, is that the latest evidence is that only handguns were used in the Sandy Hook shooting.  4 handguns and only handguns.  The evil scary rifle they like to talk about was apparently not used.

What are the odds that first responders knew, very quickly, that they were dealing with handgun wounds vs rifle wounds?  Pretty high I’d say – the wounds are significantly different.  What are the odds our policy makers knew the rifle wasn’t used?  Pretty high I’d say.  What are the odds our policy makers didn’t care because the facts didn’t fit the narrative and the media knew and was complicit to the policy maker’s agenda?  Pretty high I’d say.

The media ran an all out propaganda campaign in support of the agenda to disarm the American populace.  It is being resisted rather strongly by the alternative media and individuals who won’t back down.  My prediction is that the left will settle for infringing our liberties with more unnecessary paperwork, and that a full or even partial ban will be resisted to the bitter end.  Many Americans have made the simple choice that they will not be disarmed.

It isn’t about the guns, it is about the control.  And people are finally waking up to it.

– Stark2076

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