Rand Paul Questions Senator John Kerry on America’s Foreign Policy


January 26, 2013 by bfranklin2076

Go senator Paul!  Who’s to say he is not his father’s son?  These are really obvious questions that we should be asking our dear leaders on what our role should be in the international community and WHO should be declaring war.  Yes the world has changed from when our founding fathers were around and I do agree that the President can and should act in an emergency situation, such as a nuclear attack or a “clear and present immediate danger” to our homeland, but this was clearly not the case in the Libya.  In fact, I believe such a power grab in the Libya war by the executive branch is worthy of impeachment, but the Congress critters are too weak as a body to call our dear leader on that one.  Anyways, good on Senator Paul for at least asking what should be obvious questions.  It’s quite simple that in most cases we should just look to the Constitution!


One thought on “Rand Paul Questions Senator John Kerry on America’s Foreign Policy

  1. EthanAllen2076 says:

    IN ALL CASES we should LOOK NO FURTHER than the Constitution…and I do not believe the Executive Office ought to have ANY dictate for war or military action. TOO MUCH power for ONE man. Believe our founders agreed. Anything worth doing is worth doing right…

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