Bill Maher on Erosion of Liberties

January 27, 2013 by bfranklin2076

Ugh, I hate to say it but Bill (huge liberal) actually makes some good points in this clip.  Big government liberals and conservatives, including (Obama and Bush) have been responsible for stripping away our Bill of Rights all in the name of security, the war on terror, protection from the big capitalists etc …  Isn’t it usually the case that when the media and the masses are focused on some big or even manufactured event the government always slips something under the radar?  Might this be why Patriot Act was passed unanimously post 9/11 so that we would have absolute protection from Achmed hiding under our bed?  I’m not saying the leftists don’t want to take our guns (they certainly do) but we need to keep our eye on the bigger problem – the erosion of our liberties!

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