Does Ray Dalio, world’s largest Hedgefund Manager agree with Peter Schiff?

January 29, 2013 by tjefferson2076

During a recent CNBC Interview, Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedgefund had this to say:

“I think the important thing here to understand is that gold just generally is something that large large buyers, those with lots of portfolios would like to accumulate over a very long time, very slowly…and and built that — build diversification because we’re in a new era in terms of which is the currency. What are we — we’re in a new world. What is money? and so there’s a need to diversify that. however, gold is a very small market by comparison to that. and it’s not a big, effective, you can’t diversify it. so i think the behavior of gold makes, you know, complete sense, as does the behavior of equities and so on.”

In my opinion, what Dalio is hinting at is the flight from the dollar.  It is pretty clear that the elephant in the room that the financial elite talk about (at least behind closed doors) is the fact that the dollar is in decline.  They are looking to diversify out…Dalio says “We’re in a new world – What is money?”  Well, today, Money is Dollars…but what will money be in 5 or 10 years from now?  Nobody really knows, but it may not be the dollar.

Peter Schiff has been outspoken of the coming dollar crash for quite some time and has even written a book on it: Dollar Crash: America’s Coming Bankruptcy, How to protect yourself and your Country.  He has been harping on moving cash to Gold, silver, and to other hard assets.  He is predicting future inflation and turmoil due to federal reserve actions.

What is interesting is that Peter Schiff is alined with the Austrian School of Economics as well as with Dr. Ron Paul and other libertarians that have been sounding the alarm of fiscal discipline.  These individuals have got nothing but ignorance and ridicule by the Media elite while Obama and Bernanke get praise for running up trillions in deficits with printed money.

I think it is pretty clear that behind closed doors the elite know exactly what they are doing to our currency, our economy, and your dollar.  Ray Dalio who manages over $130 billion in assets gave you a small hint to that effect.  It is pretty clear that he and other elite like him are diversifying out of dollars.  I encourage you not to take Peter Schiff or Ron Paul’s advice, but the advice of the elite and trade your dollars for hard assets and to prepare for future economic turmoil.  This disaster may just be getting started.

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