This is Not the American Way; Part 2

February 13, 2013 by stark2076

The story gets better.

A lone gunman, holed up in an otherwise empty cabin.  You have a full cordon to the best of your knowledge.  How do you deal with him?  If you are LAPD, you order the news helicopters to back off, fire tear gas in (known to cause fires), and burn the thing down.  Because waiting out a single man barricaded in a cabin would be too…  I don’t know?  Non-violent?  It might result in a trial and fewer people killed?  Instead of pulling the news helicopters, why not ask the news agencies to delay the footage by 30 minutes.  That would allow for officer safety and still ensure what happened was in the open.

At no point should you confuse my disgust with the LAPD’s actions with any form of regard for their target.  If California sent (or sends, he may have escaped) him to the death penalty for killing cops, I would not shed a tear.  My umbrage is purely with the LAPD’s methods in this manhunt, their end goal of arresting their target, or killing him if they cannot take him peacefully, is fine by me.


The relevant parts, bold is mine:

SEVEN OAKS ( —  The cabin quadruple-murder suspect Christopher Dorner is believed to be holed up in is now fully engulfed in flames, according to CBS2′s Carter Evans, who also reported that tear gas was fired into the house before the fire broke out.

Dormer is also accused of shooting a second deputy, who was undergoing surgery after being airlifted to Loma Linda University Medical Center. Smith, who says Dorner likely has access to television and other media outlets, requested that media helicopters pull out of the area.


Thank goodness the media is so daring in providing coverage of these events, and that the LAPD took the least violent course of action when there were no additional lives at risk…  Oh, wait, that is the exact opposite of what happened.   Will the LAPD buy the home owner a new cabin, like they are buying that woman a new truck?  The sheer arrogance of the LAPD is as breathtaking as their immoral behavior is disgusting.  They are the police – even if their own are threatened they are held to a higher standard.

– Stark

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