This not the American Way

February 13, 2013 by stark2076

Police Shoot First

Now, in all fairness, there is an attorney involved in telling the story, so there is a good chance there is some exaggeration and outright falsehoods involved.  However, the facts speak for themselves.

Bullet Riddled Vehicle

There is no excuse for shooting a vehicle that many times when you are not: taking fire, able to positively identify your target, being threatened in any way, and have not made an effort to call for a peaceful surrender.  To add insult to injury, police officers, entrusted with guns that most Californians are not allowed to own, peppered the neighborhood with bullets.  Where are we living, Afghanistan?

Actually, if American troops did what the LAPD just did, if American troops shot up a civilian vehicle with no indication it was a threat and sprayed the neighborhood with rounds…  They would be on a flight home by now to face Court Martial charges, and the press would be howling for blood.   American troops face what the LAPD faces daily down range, and under much more restrictive rule of engagement, and without a police union and complicit media to protect them.

This is not the American Way.  Police protect the innocent at the expense of their own lives.  Police do not shoot first, shoot again, spray rounds in a suburban neighborhood, and injure innocents because they, the police, are afraid.  You were afraid?  Not an excuse – you are the police and we hold you to the highest standard.  You don’t get to shoot first.

The LAPD answer of maybe they need more training, or maybe they need punishment is not adequate.  This is where LAPD should act to regain the trust of the people it claims to protect by pressing charges for negligence, firing trainers and the administrators that approved the training, and a complete sea change in how LAPD does business.   The response of the officers was absolutely incorrect and they should be tried by jury for failing to protect the innocent.  Disgusting behavior all around, and yet I know there is almost no chance justice will be done.

– Stark

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