All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars

February 16, 2013 by bfranklin2076

Interesting documentary that I came across with my morning coffee.  Really tells the same story as the Griffin’s “Creature form Jekyll Island.”  Please read that book if you have not yet.

I think if you follow the money and greed trail you will always find fragments of the truth.  For example, it was in the founders self interest to push the colonies toward war and make huge profits on land.

Now, do I think all of our wars are absolutely controlled by the bankers – no as there are usually many factors in play; including yes there are people out there that will do us harm.  At the same time it is just as foolish to say we are simply fighting for freedom and democracy.  I do firmly believe the central bankers find ways to profit on the build up, conflict, and reconstruction costs.  In addition, when you have a central bank issuing pure fiat it makes it that much easier to go to war. Unfortunately, many of our many good men (and women) fighting on the front lines get caught in the middle and should never be criticized for what they do.

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