Wealth Inequality in America?


March 14, 2013 by tjefferson2076

I recently came across the following videos:

The first describing wealth inequality in America:

The second is an interview by the progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren from the People’s Republik of Massachusetts taking on the banking regime:

Unlike the template spoon fed to us by the mainstream culture, I would argue that the wealth inequality is the result of the success of the progressive movement (like Elizabeth Warren) in the USA.  Big Corporations need Big Government to maintain their monopoly.  All laws that congress creates serve to crush small businesses in favor of large corporations that can afford lobbyists to get special treatment.

The true reason for the wealth inequality is fiat currency created by the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve creates money out of nowhere and gives it to the banks (whose owners are the top 1%) to lend out to the masses of people.  The masses of people are enticed to take out loans to get this money and they become debt slaves.  If you really look at the mass of America, a clear majority have credit cards, student loans, mortgages, auto loans, loans from our 401K, etc.  The interest goes to the banks who are the top 1% who lent out money that never existed (they didn’t have to earn it, the federal reserve created it).  They are essentially making free money on money that they created, and if they screw up, they get bailed out by the government – it is a no lose situation.

To top it off, if you are a saver, you cannot save your money in the bank because cash depreciates due to the Fed creating more money.  Before 1973, the US was on the Gold standard so a dollar didn’t depreciate.  With the advent of the Federal Reserve and big government, this changed.  Therefore, the only way to maintain your standard of living is to invest in speculative assets.  That is why the stock market has been in a bubble so much over the last 15 years because cash depreciates (it encourages speculation which ruins the working man).  Everyone knows that you can’t save, you have to speculate, and most people lose at this game, but the rich never lose, because they own the companies, so it doesn’t matter what the stock market does.  You can’t create a small business to compete due to regulation by the government.  We live in a corporatocracy.

The entire system can be fixed by ending the Federal Reserve and making a dollar as good as gold again, just like the founding fathers said.  Then if you saved money, you would be saving gold, not a fiat currency that is at the mercy of central planners in the Federal Reserve.  If a dollar was as good as gold, then banks wouldn’t be able to loan out as much money as they do because nobody would risk losing their gold because the government can’t print gold.  That is the reason why a gold standard is the ultimate equalizer for the people.  All socialist governments have central banks and no socialist government has a gold standard.  Period.  The US stopped being a true capitalist nation in 1913.

So, up until the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, America had an ideal distribution of wealth…but the socialist central planners who created the Federal Reserve changed it to use their ability to manipulate the dollar and create money to transfer wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich.  Now, the same people who created this mess in the first place are proposing more of the same to fix it.  It is insanity.  End the fed and never vote for a progressive and prepare yourself.  Live within your means and don’t take their fake money and make them rich by paying them a portion of your hard labor in terms of interest.  Why should they benefit from our labor by giving us something that they didn’t have to earn?  Think about that.  We have a choice.  Opt out and Live Free!

One thought on “Wealth Inequality in America?

  1. EthanAllen2076 says:

    The FED is the ENEMY…so is every other unconstitutional ARM of the government (fully I realize the FED is not the gubment, but does it matter? Are we really that sure? Same people work for each).

    More importantly to your own soul…is the lessons learned by this. END YOUR OWN GREED. You may not be able to change the world, change America, change your STATE, or change your school district’s annual budget, but you CAN change your own character. Do not be driven by GREED (as is the FED, and everything WRONG with our government). Stand up for TRUTH, JUSTICE (and the American Way…)…and Freedom. Meaning, don’t live your life by greed…but don’t force others not too, just don’t support that they do. Let it be known, let it be heard…state your opinion while we still can, and get on with your life. Just be a voice for GOOD…don’t be frustrated or diminished by what seems to be having no impact…continue being a voice (and EXAMPLE) for good.

    It’s all one man can do. Look at Christ…and it is ENOUGH.

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