Warning: Your Savings are NO LONGER SAFE


March 19, 2013 by tjefferson2076

Although little reported, a very important development took place recently by the progressive banksters.  On Friday, the Cyprus government and Banks froze bank accounts in order to seize 6 to 10 percent of hardworking citizens savings accounts as collateral to European Union and International Monetary Fund bailout money.

The elite are sending a message.  You are not safe nor secure in your property.  Be afraid.  They are coming.

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One thought on “Warning: Your Savings are NO LONGER SAFE

  1. EthanAllen2076 says:

    Oh, same thing happened here (well, hasn’t happened this directly yet, but it HAS been made perfectly legal, October 9th, 2012, by Executive Order.

    Obama has signed EXECUTIVE ORDERS to allow himself to SEIZE control of your bank assets, SEIZE control of your food, ammo, provisions (good responsible planning) storage, SEIZE control of your food crops, and livestock, SEIZE control of your minerals and water supply…

    You can read it all, and more at the whitehouse website. Be prepared to do a lot of reading (more than ANYBODY in Washington, apparently). I’ve posted these before on this blog, but here they are again.


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