DoubleTalk: The Public Safety And Second Amendment Rights Protection Act

April 12, 2013 by tjefferson2076

The Gun Bill making it’s way through Congress to restrict some more of your freedom is actually called “The Public Safety and SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS PROTECTION ACT” You have to be freakin kidding me.  The Weekly Standard actually has the text of the bill here.  I couldn’t understand a freakin word of it.  It is all written in lawyer speak, unlike the Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution, and The Bible.  All I got from it is they are going to restrict your rights some more and spend $400 million over 4 years to do so.  Yup, our broke government that needs to borrow/print 1/4 of the money it spends is going to spend $400 million to take a little more of your freedom away.  Unbelievable.  Wake up!  Does it really matter if you own a gun or not?  They are going to take your rights away!  To add, how would have this stopped the recent shootings?  It wouldn’t.  It would not have stopped the shootings since these “shooters” didn’t get their guns from a gun show.  The last lunatic in Connecticut got them from home.  But where are the laws to restrict video games?  Where are the laws to restrict violence on television?  Where are the laws to mandate that we actually open The Bible and pray to our Lord and Savior to look for guidance during rough times?  There aren’t any, because this isn’t about fixing the problem…this is only about control of you by your government rulers and taking away your right to gun ownership and self defense.  Remember, politicians hide behind armed security.  They don’t want you to own guns for your own self defense because they want to have a monopoly on violence.  You must go to them for your families protection because in their world, you are nothing more than a slave to them.  They want to be our Master!

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