Call it what it is.

April 20, 2013 by EthanAllen2076



I think evil is running free, but I think not only has man turned from God…to allow evil to promulgate, but the form it is taking is organized communism.  EVIL, CHAOS, and MURDER go hand in hand with communism.  It is FEAR they use to keep the people contained, working, enslaved.  Freedom is communism’s worst enemy.  We must FIGHT communism with FREEDOM…but freedom will also allow us to be free of God.  So we must be FAITHFUL, FREE MEN.  I believe the fix for our nation…to strengthen it so that we can have positive influence in the world…is to FIGHT COMMUNISM with FREEDOM…and to FIGHT EVIL with FAITH.
FREEDOM and FAITH (our founders called it the requirement to have our governing system operate over a MORAL and RIGHTEOUS people) flourish best hand in hand.  Faith can operate alone…Freedom can not.
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