On Bombs, Babies, and Boy Scouts

April 20, 2013 by tjefferson2076

Very thought provocative piece by Brother Andre Marie on what we have come to  accept in our society, that is, our society without God:

The nation is still reeling from the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombing, and one of the two suspects is still at large as I write. Three people were killed, thirteen had limbs amputated, and 170 others are still hospitalized.

There is no trivializing the senseless violence — the evil — that has been perpetrated.

In Philadelphia, Kermit Gosnell’s trial is in week six. Gosnell is the butcher who ran a “house of horrors” abortion clinic in that city.

And in other news, the Boy Scouts appear to be set to open their membership to homosexuals.

That a twisted abortionist’s gory misdeeds and the homosexualising of the BSA could be even mentioned on the same page as the Boston tragedy would smack of special pleading to pro-abortionists and homosexualists.

So be it. These are people who specialize in special pleading.

The fact is that there is a causality at work that transcends the jurisdiction of even the most intrusive and powerful Nanny State. When society is governed according to the will of man and not according to the will of God, evil will inevitably become “normal.” It will not really be normal — because the abnormal cannot be — but it will be considered so because it is commonplace.

As a society, we seem not to know what evil is. We only label it so when it’s ugly or “gross,” but not when it’s alluring, hidden, or sanitized — and especially not when the evil happens to be a part of our lifestyle.

As a nation, we’re horrified when we see photos of an eight-year-old boy who was killed in a bomb blast. We’re “grossed out” — but far less impacted, on the whole — by the stories of babies who were born alive being snuffed out by Dr. Gosnell in his gory hell-hole of an abortuary.

Gosnell’s death count was far higher than the Boston Marathon bombers’, but he belongs to a protected class — that pagan priesthood ministering to the needs of the sexually liberated.

Even if his clinic had been sanitary and his victims effectively murdered in utero instead of after a live birth, he would still be a baby butcher. The little victims of sanitary abortionists are just as dead. And their complicit mothers are just as spiritually wounded.

As for the Boy Scout policy change, the thought of “boys” being sodomites seems to bother very few people. Why is that?

It is because the will of the people trumps the will of God in our society, and the will of the people is getting worse and worse. As long as people are getting worse, let us not expect things to get better.

We have no hope in this world. Our hope is in God, which is how we can retain our Christian joy amid such and so many evils.

Salvator mundi, salva nos! (Savior of the world, save us!)

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