Climate Change Communication

June 22, 2013 by EthanAllen2076

Clearly the Earth is now undergoing Climate Change.  It’s no longer Global Warming.  The objective of the intellectuals is to curb the amount of Changing that the Earth undergoes…and to better communicate the problem to the general masses.  Remember how hard they worked to push Global Warming (from the 70s)…until their entire premise was proven baseless, the quick change and redefinition to Climate Change was a sly way to continue the agenda without sacrificing previous work.


Well, Yale is putting together a good recommendation on communication…from the intellectual elites, to the general masses…on how to convince us all that Climate Change is real…dire…and requires immediate action, sacrifice, and taxes.


This was funded by your tax dollars.  Through the NSF, your (and my) tax dollars are funding studies and reports designed to BETTER COMMUNICATE the immediate problem with the Earth, and with Humanity…because its obviously such a complicated and difficult subject to talk about…the problem must not be that it’s false, or a lie; the problem must simply be they don’t know how to properly communicate.

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