SWEET 2016 and 240.

November 25, 2013 by EthanAllen2076

I wonder if America will see her 240th birthday this sweet 2016?

Times are definitely getting dark.  Those willing to hold a mantel in the wind and face the cold bitter truth…waiting…patiently waiting for the opportune time to act…are growing increasingly weary, restless, and alone.  Then the truth never was very popular to the enemy, was it…the truth, that one who believes such, can never really be alone…WILL never be alone.


It’s nearly high noon.  It’s nearly time…nearly time for the ultimatum…the line in the sand: DECISION TIME.  TRUTH, or DIE.  TRUTH, and DIE…either way, You see, both are compulsory.  You can not escape one or the other…but you must consciously accept one of them, or both of them.  For to believe in Truth one can not deny death, and to believe in death alone, one must ignore (but still acknowledge) Truth.  

So, the masses of America are going to awaken soon…this slumber can not go on much longer, and long over the past 5 or 6 years, many have already stirred from their sleep.  When the armies are fully engaged, fully awake, poised and ready for battle…sides will be formed, lines will be drawn, and fortifications will be made and defended.  If you believe this, yours is probably already made.  Good…Good.  If you’re just starting to consider the possibility that the world you know is a lie, and your sole purpose in living the days of your beating heart are to pass a series of tests, judgments, and tribulations to never deny the TRUTH…to stand firm on your Rock, and to wield your faith fearlessly and unashamedly at the enemy…it’s time to sharpen those skills.  The enemy is not closing in around you…the enemy is WITHIN YOU…the enemy has full control of your world.  The enemy knows everything about you.  What you like, what you are afraid of, where you live, the names of your family and children, what your greatest fear is, what you earn, what you owe, where your pressure points are, how to exploit them, how to motivate you, how to get you to believe in and buy into, and agree to bargains destined for encumbrance.  Your pride and humility are the only things standing in your way of total and complete annihilation of this enemy.  Sound familiar?  All you must do is accept your mortality, get comfortable and close to death, and decide if you’re going to face it believing in LIES, or DEFENDING the truth.  Take a look outside your immediate world and circle…take a look at the world around you…consumed with violence, hatred, exploitation, theft, crime, dishonor, and vulgarity.  DEATH.


Stand against that wind.  Hold high your mantle of Truth, and let the world know you are NOT afraid of death, for death alone is only the beginning.


America can be saved…but the battle in the world today is larger than America…and America’s efficacy is not the end game.  As America goes…so goes the world.  TRUTH.


Let this fire go out at home, and the next time you will know love and freedom will be ONLY in the presence of God Himself, through His Divine Mercy…Blessed will be those to witness it…and Blessed more are those to witness it NOW.


The year 2016 will be enveloped in darkness, you can see the shadows building and thickening now.  The momentum toward complete societal decay and corruption is nearly unstoppable…better to spend your time kindling that fire, build your awareness of Truth…it’s time to stand and face the harvest of the fields.


LET THE FIRES BURN…and out of the ashes, LIFE.

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