Recommended Reading

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This is a reading list for every patriot to study to understand Natural Law, to understand the philosophy of Truth, and to understand the mechanisms of evil and how we got to the current state of tyranny in America today.

Natural Law and Truth about Freedom:

The Bible
1.  Online at
2.  The Founder’s Bible

The 5000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen

Anatomy of The State by Murray Rothbard
1. Download free at

Our Enemy, The State by Albert Nock

Founding Documents:
The Declaration of Independence
The US Constitution
The US Bill of Rights
Magna Carta

Documents Debating the Founding:
Federalist Papers

1. Free from

Anti-Federalist Papers
1. Free from

Thomas Paine
Ayn Rand
William Blackstone
Thomas Jefferson
Adam Smith
Murray Rothbard
John Locke
Friedrich Hayek
Ludwig Von Mises
Ron Paul

Understanding the Enemy:
The Creature From Jekyll Island

Other Books to learn about Freedom:
Free Market Revolution by Yaron Brook


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